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Finding Your Way Through Therapy Podcast

A Weekly Podcast That Answers All Your Therapy Questions
Is mental health important to you?

Is mental health important to you?

Do you struggle to understand the intricacies of therapy and counseling?
Do you want to identify what and how exactly you feel so you can better manage it?
Way Through Therapy

Finding Your Way Through Therapy can help.

Join Steve Bisson as he discusses the complexities of therapy in his weekly podcast. Steve cuts the jargon and complexities of mental health treatment and makes it simple so everyone can feel confident in their mental health journey.

Each week, he and a special guest will cover topics like:

What IS Therapy, Anyway?

Therapy is complex and heavily misunderstood. We'll discuss exactly what therapy is from the ground up, different types of treatment, and what the heck it all means!

How Therapy Can Help You

I truly believe that everyone can benefit from therapy - mental health is just as important as physical health, after all. You'll hear about the experiences of others in therapy and lessons learned.

Mental Health Stigma

Mental health is everywhere, and more than 50% of Americans will experience a mental health condition in there life. It's time to end the stigma and start talking about the uncomfortable.

Podcast Guest Appearances


What They Say

While emotions are very helpful and vital, they can take a toll on your interpersonal relationships when not properly identified and managed. Believe me, I‘ve been there and understand more than you can imagine.